Rome, May 2010

  “This great Saint (Saint Dominic) reminds us that a missionary fire must always burn in the heart of the Church which incessantly encourage us to carry the first announcement of the Gospel and, wherever necessary, a new evangelization…” (Benedict XVI, Papal Audience, February 3rd, 2010)

There will be more than 100 General Prioresses from the Congregations of Dominican Sisters of Apostolic Life, members of the DSI movement, who will meet in Rome from May 14th to 19th, to SHAPE THEIR OWN FUTURE WITH REALISM, DARING AND HOPE, and identify courses of action for the upcoming three-year period (2010-2013).

The 154 Congregations total approximately 25,500 Dominican sisters who operate in 112 countries throughout the world , either alone or in collaboration with other branches of the Dominican family, friars, nuns and laity.

The DSI movement was born in 1995 to promote collaboration among Dominican Sisters as preaching women in the Church. This year DSI celebrates 15 years since its inauguration .

The concerns of Religious Life and its future, which are common to many Congregations and religious orders, have encouraged DSI to dedicate its sixth General Assembly to study the signs of the times together with realism, and to prepare for the future with daring and hope. We were inspired by questions such as:

  • Considering the globalized reality of our world, what are the most significant challenges that Dominican religious women must face?
  • How must we react prophetically to the consequences of the decrease in religious vocations?
  • How do we see and imagine religious life 10 years from now?

The outcome of the discussions among the participants will form the basis of a booklet to be circulated both inside and outside the Dominican family. We are certain that our reflections could enrich other religious who are dealing with the same issues.

The Master of the Order, Fr. Carlos A. Azpiroz Costa, OP, will be present during one of the six days. His talk will be introduced by the DSI International Coordinator, Sr. Maria Fabiola Velasquez Maya, OP.

For interviews and information: DSI office, 06 57940658;;

39 377 2885964

We ask you to please publish this release in the reviews or bulletins in your countries and to circulate it among your communities in order to share this event and remain united in prayer.

Thank you for your collaboration.

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