«The Iraqi Dominican Sisters return to their convent…»

More news from our Sisters in Iraq. Letter from the Prioress General of St Catherine of Siena, Iraq.

Thank you very much for your prayers for us. We are back to our convent in Karakush and many families are returning to town also. The situation is much better as the two fighting forces came to an agreement to stop fighting. We are hoping this will continue.

The Patriarch of Syriac Church, has come to visit Iraq to encourage the Christian people and visited the refugees who were scattered in different places. His visit is was really encouraging as he comforted the Christian community and urged them to stay in the country and their towns.

However, the situation is still not settled. In general, the government is still unable controlling the country. The focus is on mainly on protecting Baghdad. Meanwhile, the government has been fighting the ISIL in different parts of the country. The result however is not promising. in Mosul the air forces have been attacking civilians neighborhoods. The city is completely closed and no one is allowed to enter it or leave.

As for security, the condition is still unsafe in the country. People are scared of the uncertainty. Yesterday, two of the Chaldean Sisters along with two girls (18 years old) and a little boy (12 old years old) from their orphanage disappeared in Mosul. There has been no one able to reach them or to know where they are. Please pray that they are safe and that they may return home to their community soon.

Thanks again for your prayers and may God bless you.

Maria Hanna OP
And Dominican Sisters of saint Catherine of Siena –Iraq
June 29, 2014

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